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What you need to know during your first visit at Mecca Bingo

What you need to know during your first visit at Mecca Bingo
First visit at Mecca Bingo

If your Mecca Bingo night is planned, everything is ready to be executed and you have practiced shouting “BINGO!” there are other things that you should expect.

Bingo basics

You have succeeded in a bingo club and it is now time to be a member of the Mecca family. Talk to one of the excellent team members at the desk; let them know that you are interested to enter a game and they will make you a Mecca member.

Once you become a member, you will be given a membership card and a welcome pack that details the things that you are required to know about your membership. This will not take a lot of time however you may want to get their like 10 minutes before the game begins so that you can have a lot more time.

As a member, you need to prepare for the game. You should begin by purchasing a round of tickets. Every ticket contains 9×3 grids that have numbers that run from one to ninety. When a game starts, the digital board or a caller will select a number randomly.

The most challenging aspect of mecca bingo online for most new members is keeping up with the speed of the game. But if you pay attention to the number that is called, you will become a seasoned dabbing expert within no time.

Do not worry if there are things that you are not sure of; the mecca team is always ready to assist you.

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If you see a number on your card, use your dauber to mark it. When you have all numbers on one line, 2 lines or full house (all numbers on the grid), you will win.

What you need to do when you win

It is upon you to halt the game before another number is called. You will do this by shouting “HOUSE” or “BINGO”. You should never make a false claim as that can slow down the game and annoy other players.

Do not change the bingo card

Cheating is not worthy. The mecca slots staff is well experienced and they know how some players attempt to break the rules.

What to put on

There is no dress code at the bingo hall. You can dress depending on what you feel comfortable in.

Bingo etiquette

  • You must remain silent when the game is going on.
  • If you want to smoke, do it only at the designated areas.
  • Watch out for the luck seats. This is because many regular members are superstitious and tend to have designated sitting places. Be cautious and select another spot.
  • Respect the caller.
  • Now that you know what is required of you, you can visit the club or you can enter a chat room and play bingo whenever you want.

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