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Unpaid Winnings of Bet365

Unpaid Winnings of Bet365

Student, Megan McCann, claimed that one of the biggest and known UK gambling operators Bet365 doesn’t want to pay her winning in the amount of £ 1 million, that she was able to win with the help of a bet, made in June last year. The lady lives in the Northern Ireland, near Belfast, that’s why she brought the matter to the Northern Irelands High Court.

Unpaid Winnings of Bet365

Megan McCan placed about £ 25 000 on horses which took part in four different races. She hoped to get the winning in the amount of £ 985 000, but Bet365 informed that there have been some violations and she has no rights to get the winning. So, in such a way, a matter appeared in the court, because Megan wanted to protect her rights.

A spokesperson from Bet 365 said that the lady placed the bet with the help of the third party and such third party bets are prohibited by the operator. There is a rule that a person who bets must put up the whole stake. The operator hopes that the court will support his position.

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Megan informed that she accepted congratulations from Bet365 and even talked by phone with the worker of the company. Then, she was promised to get the winning within next two days. But she didn’t receive her money.

Andrew Mortague is a lawyer, who represents Megan’s interests in the court. Mr Mortague has a lot of experience in such cases, because, earlier, he has been hired by a gambler, who didn’t get the winning of £825 000 in 2010.

The 19 years old student doesn’t want to give a lot of comments on the matter. We will see who will be the winner in this case.

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