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Top Shelf Live Casino Action Available Everyday

Top Shelf Live Casino Action Available Everyday
Top Shelf Live Casino Action Available Everyday

In China, the number 8 has long been a number of deep significance. In Chinese, the word for the number eight is “Ba” has a. This pronunciation is very similar to the alphabetical symbol Fa, that stands for wealth or fortune.

It’s a prestigious moniker that bestows glory on those born on a birthday that features a lot of eights, and many people will pay top dollar to feature the number as many times as possible on their license plates. Some people will even be more inclined to move into a house or apartment just because it features an eight somewhere in the address of 888 Casino.

Truly, it is no ordinary number, and equally lucky as the number seven, if not more so. It is pretty much the opposite of the number thirteen, which as everyone knows is the most unlucky number of all. Perhaps it is because thirteen is one number above twelve, the maximum total anyone can get from a roll of two dice. Maybe gambler, very much a superstitious lot, by and large, regard this as some veiled insult to the gods of fortune, an affront to the natural order. An attempt, if you will, to kid a kidder. Whatever the reason, eight is one of the best numbers to get, and with Live Casino Daily Lucky 8, Lady Fortune could be ready to receive more than a few lucky punters.

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Three Fat Ladies: 888

Three Fat Ladies: 888

Simply by enjoying the fabulous game of Live Roulette, punters can enjoy an extra £8 bonus anytime you hit 8 on a winning spin. Just join the live casino roulette in the 888 Casino Private Room between 8 pm and 9 pm every day, place a bet of at least £8, and win a £8 bonus whenever you win on number 8. So, really, all you need to remember is the number 8 and it’s like you’ve practically won already.


Enjoy the opportunity to partake in sociable banter with other players in the gaming lounge, or even your own personal dealer. You can talk about whatever you like! Some topics could be how clement the weather has been recently, whether you’re looking forward to Christmas or New Year.

Perhaps you have been having some personal difficulties you feel like discussing with other understanding punters at 888 Casinouk. Often, it can be easier to talk to strangers about problems than with the people who know us. They can be less likely to judge us on their previous preconceptions of what we’re like, and occasionally they may be able to throw new light on a solution to problems that we wouldn’t have considered on our own. In any case, the advantage of this bonus, and trust us when we say you “eight” seen nothin’ yet!

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