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Tips for agencies from gambling marketer

Tips for agencies from gambling marketer
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Harry Lang, Mecca Bingo’s head marketing, says that the gambling market is blossoming now, but UK agencies can’t direct it properly.

A former pharmacologist and gambler Hunter S. Thompson admitted that to have fun is not the only task of gambling, the main problem is to act smart. Agencies should do the same.

Human nature is open to gambling since times immemorial, as it provokes the strongest emotions free of any medicine. King Henry VIII was one of the fans of this, too. And with all these sites, mobile apps and adverts, it’s almost impossible to stay indifferent.

As Gambling Compliance Research Service (GCRS) counted in 2014 the UK’s profit in 2013 was higher in 12.2%, which is £2.31 billion. But the imposed new 15% tax ‘Point of Consumption’ (POC) in December 2014 will guarantee extra £400 million.

And that’s not all, in 2015 the GCRS hopes to get 10% more, i.e. £2.83 billion and in 2016 – additional 13.6%, i.e. £3.22 billion.

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However, gambling operators have got enough money to fight for attracting clients. But marketing strategies of 2015 are quite different from those which were common earlier. You won’t win the audience with TV ads and banners any more. Your marketing plan should be well estimated and we offer you the things you need to observe.

  • 1. With the vast number of notions in gambling you should try playing yourself, only then you can convince others to do the same.
  • 2. Try to be creative to fulfill the demands of the target gamblers.
  • 3. Don’t ignore your rivals and their promotional means.
  • 4. Carry on an intrigue in your proposal.
  • 5. Don’t bluff if you have problems with understanding.
  • 6. Always remember about Gambling Commission’s ad rules page.
  • 7. Returns are expected from you in any case.

Well-prepared agencies are more successful, so don’t neglect our tips!

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