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Tinseltown Meets Sin City When Superstars Roll the Dice

Tinseltown Meets Sin City When Superstars Roll the Dice
Tinseltown Meets Sin City When Superstars Roll the Dice

Las Vegas isn’t all that far from Hollywood, which might account for why it holds an enduring popularity with movie stars going all the way back to Frank Sinatra. Celebrities can expect luxury treatment from the biggest casinos keen to attract some prestigious faces to the tables.

Ben Affleck

The Batman superstar was actually asked to leave the game at the Hard Rock hotel when it appeared that the megastar was a rather proficient card counter. It just goes to show that no matter how big you are, 888 Casino still has the final say. Staff must have been disappointed though, as Affleck has a reputation for giving his winnings away to casino employees.

Bruce Willis

The Die Hard action star enjoys high stakes excitement on and off the screen, having been known to chase winnings into the hundreds of thousands in both Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and 888 Casino uk. His favoured games are craps and baccarat. However, it’s not just the mega-casinos that the bald bruiser favours. He’s also been frequently spotted at lower-stakes gambling dens off the strip, getting in touch with his inner everyman and making himself a couple of bucks in the process.

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John Cusack

Another fan of craps games, Cusack helped make his name as a card-sharking conman in Stephen Frears’ adaptation of Jim Thompson’s seminal noir thriller The Grifters. He’s a hound for dice rolling in real life too and has been known to chase streaks with semi-reckless abandon.

Another fan of craps games


The rodent-headed DJ wasn’t always a card fiend, but a meeting with legendary gambler Don Johnson got him hooked on blackjack. The artist has taken to the game like a fish to water and can now be regularly spotted wagering huge amounts of cash at the high roller tables whenever he has a show in town.

Drew Carey

The TV funnyman has a reputation for being unable to stay away from the tables. He’s known to throw the big bucks around in a real way, dropping as much as $500 per hand at the blackjack tables. Let’s hope he can keep a smile on his face when he makes some jaw-droppingly big losing bets.

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