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The UK minister as to the promotional gambling campaigns

The UK minister as to the promotional gambling campaigns
danny alexander

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid received a babbled out letter from Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the UK Parliament, in which the Chief Secretary warns about the growth of gambling ads in the country.

In his letter Danny Alexander focused on the possible consequences of such ads on children and bound the national Gambling Commission to perform certain actions in connection with these ads in the UK.

“I am writing due to my increasing concerns as to the efficacy of betting providers’ ads demonstrated on television during all kinds of sporting events,” the Chief Secretary explained in the letter.

“Any kind of sports event is constantly interrupted by various tempting gambling ads, which makes it difficult to watch the program.”

Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, also attributed responsibility in igaming promotion on the preceding Labour Government that in 2007 removed restrictions on online gambling, which gave the possibility to show gaming ads before the watershed.

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“All of us couldn’t anticipate the impact of such ads and their role in our life, as well as the fact that the development of mobile technology would make igaming more available than ever. Online betting operators have all the rights to promote their companies, but this should be done in the right time, after 9 p.m., because watching sports events is one of the popular pastimes of families with children. I don’t think that all of you consider such ads acceptable,” the Chief Secretary to the Treasure commented.

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