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The Royal Flush Strategy For Timed Video Poker Tournament From 888 Casino

The Royal Flush Strategy For Timed Video Poker Tournament From 888 Casino
888 Casino

Right from the time video poker was invented, video poker tournaments has been, on and they are very famous. While some of them will demand for a very small fee from participants, majority of the tournaments are free of charge.

Different amounts are set as the prize money for different tournaments. But, the star prize is always in thousands of dollars. This amount can lure any player to participate in the tournament.

Two major types of tournaments are those with time limits and those with hands limits. There are however, some exceptional tournaments that combine the two methods of time and hands limits.

  • A session may be limited to 15 minutes, within which the player can play any number of hands.
  • A session may be limited to 200 hands only, without any time limit. So it continues till this number of hands is completed.
  • A session may be limited to 15 minutes or 200 minutes, in which case, the first limit that is achieved among the two in 888 Casino holds.
  • When a tournament has no time limit, it gives the player the chance to try out complicated strategies. This is however, not possible when there is time limit, because the player has to be very fast. With more time, the player will likely hit a royal, and this draws them closer to a prize. However, the fast play strategy is becoming inevitable because majority of the video poker tournaments come with the time limit.

    One strategy for fast plays in the 888casino is explained below.

    888 Casino

    So, what’s the best strategy for video poker tournaments?

    Many players tend to use the same strategy for normal play in the tournaments. This strategy is normally the optimum type, and it aims at ensuring that each hand given the highest returns. It will give you the best from each hand. But, you will rely on luck to land the big prize in the tournament. Winning with this is always based on luck and hope.

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    But some think that going for a broke in the name of saving for a royal flush on every hand as against the lower playing hands is the best strategy here. The proponents of this strategy also understand that luck will have to play a role if the player must win the tournament. The number of points with which he is out of the money is not important. There will be no winnings on both 10,000 and 10 points. Shouldn’t the best bet here be to pick some royals? This strategy when backed with some elements of luck for you, will give you huge winnings in video poker. But if the luck is not there, you will only be out of the money.

    The Royals Strategy is the only video poker strategy in 888 casino uk that is not affected by the pay table and game. Because you are only meant to save for the royal flushes, nothing else matters.

    The cards you should save while using the ‘royals only’ strategy are those ones that will produce a ‘royal flush’ for you. This may not require any normal strategy for it to work because it is not complicated. Just save cards for a royal flush.

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