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The Easiest Way to Tip a Dealer

The Easiest Way to Tip a Dealer
The Easiest Way to Tip a Dealer

Although they might not obviously seem like the conduit to bigger winnings, tipping the dealer holds certain strategic benefits to advantage players at 888 Casino. In many cases, it can help subdue the dealer’s suspicions, keep the tip boss at bay, and even get a dealer on your side to some degree. Here are some do’s and dont’s to steer you through this complicated web of interactions.

Tip to Divert Attention

Advantage players usually have a reputation for not tipping dealers, so laying some money on your croupier can make you appear more legitimate in 888 Casino. Be sure to wait till the pit boss or floor player is in the vicinity to witness you tipping, to make the most of this sleight of hand maneuver. You can even further the effect by waiting for the dealer to go on break and tipping them just as the replacement dealer shows up.

Tip for Information

With a bit of discretion and diplomacy, you would be surprised at how many dealers’ confidences can be won. Some gamblers say all it takes is a smile and some good conversation for them to warm up to a player.

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Tip for Information

If handled sensitively enough, dealers can inform you about 888 Casino uk house procedures, policies, shift changes, and gambling policies. Be sure to acquire this information in a seemingly offhand manner without seeming too keen and ensure that your tipping is commensurate with the dealer’s cooperation. Also, ensure that your tipping isn’t cutting into your expected value too heavily.

Show Some Respect

This is an easy way to get a dealer on your side. Chances are they will be fielding a good deal of abuse from disgruntled losing customers throughout their working day, because they are the frontline human face of the house. By treating them with good manners and consideration, you’d be surprised how much you can stand out from the rest of their clientele. Follow obvious points of good manners like not smoking at them, smiling, and just generally being courteous, and you’ll be surprised how helpful they are.

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