https://777spinslot.comThe Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Sports

The Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a relatively new concept when compared to the long history of amateur and professional sports, but over the past five years or so it has become one of the fastest growing industries in both Canada and the US. Let’s see a breakdown of this concept.

The Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports

The term refers to online games where players assemble virtual or imaginary teams of real players of a professional sport. Afterwards, teams compete based on statistical performances of players in actual games.

Daily fantasy sports are actually a subset of fantasy sport games. While it’s all about the same process of building a team of pro athletes from a particular competition or league, in order to earn points based on the statistical performance of the players in real-world competitions, DFS are an accelerated variant of traditional fantasy sport games that take place over short-term periods, such as a single day of competition or a week, not an entire season.

The frequency of DFS contents is most of note. Most leagues begin with the start of the day’s sporting events, and end when the last game of the evening is over. After that, payouts are immediately sent out by the website, and the process begins again a couple of hours later.

How Does it Work?

The Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports

Many DFS players prefer the season-long leagues, but in the faster-moving world of DFS, players can create a team each and every single day, facing different opponents in a very wide range of sports and contests. One of the best things about DFS is that it offers the opportunity to start up another game the next day, even if you lose or win.

What Sports Can I Bet On?

There is a wide range of sports covered by DFS, but the most popular games among punters are:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Nascar
  • MMA

DFS: Games of Skill or Luck?

A DFS bet mainly depends on a “future unforeseen event” completely outside the influence or control of any punter: the real-world performance of the athlete. When a DFS bettor wagers, he instantly becomes a passive spectator who will win depending on the real-world performance of athletes. It is the thing every DFS punter should now.

The rules of DFS make this relationship crystal clear.

4 Short Steps For Beginners – How To Join DFS & Play Today

1. Join a DFS league site – The hosting website that makes payouts and creates contests.

2. Pick a fantasy contest – Dozens if not hundreds of contests are listed in the lobbies. Begin with a free or small buy-in one.

3. Create a dream team – Choose the best possible athletes you can get while staying under your salary cap.

4. Compete! – Watch your players rise and fall on the leaderboards as the games progress and win big money.

Where to Play? Is it legal?

The Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports

Punters from most countries in Europe and the UK can play with no restrictions on any website promoting DFS. Let’s see a list with the leading DFS providers.

  • Draft Ops – for most states in the US and Canada
  • DraftKings – for most states in the US and Canada
  • Fanaments – Europe, UK, and others. Most of Europe welcomes online gambling, yet legislation varies much among European countries. Check with your local jurisdiction.
  • FanDuel – for some states in the US and Canada
  • Fantasy Aces – for most states in the US and Canada
  • FantasyDraft – for most states in the US and Canada
  • StarsDraft – for some of US

While the legislation surrounding daily fantasy games is pretty unclear, one thing is for sure: some states have state legislation that some attorneys could interpret as unclear or questionable, some don’t. But one may say that all winning outcomes reflect the skill and knowledge of the player and are determined mostly by accumulated statistical results of the performance of real-world athletes.

In the US and Canada there has been much buzz on this topic and each state offers regulations and explanations. Check with your local jurisdiction. For instance, Illinois Attorney General decided that DFS is gambling on December 23, 2015, and expects FanDuel and DraftKings to leave state.

Since it is a relatively new concept, not all countries have legislation for DFS, and the word “gambling” cannot be taken out of discussion.

Can You Make Money With It?

The Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports

As long as you keep up with everyday news, have a basic knowledge of players in the sports you are delving into, you should start winning quickly. There are DFS grinders who are grossing more than 6 figures in the US annually and many people make a living playing DFS.


If you are interested and want to get down to the nuts and bolts of daily fantasy sports, this book can be really helpful. Meanwhile, you can play online slots for free and traditional casino games on our website. Between two DFS matches, get your hands on great slots and grab huge bonuses from casinos such as 888Casino, EuroGrand Casino, and Lucky247.

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