https://777spinslot.comSee The Most Challenging Video Poker Question You Can Face In 888 Casino

See The Most Challenging Video Poker Question You Can Face In 888 Casino

Now, this is about an event that brought together the best hands and brains in blackjack game, even in 888 Casino. The meeting of 96 blackjack professionals in a ceremony that was tagged ‘Blackjack Ball’ was meant to be a competition from which the “World’s Greatest Blackjack Player” is picked. It involves a list of 21 questions that each contestant must answer by writing the answers on a sheet of paper. This will be graded afterwards to pick the winners.

See The Most Challenging Video Poker Question You Can Face In 888 Casino

The intriguing thing is that it involved a question on video poker. However, most of the blackjack professionals also play video poker. So, they may not see this as a huge problem. But the nature of the video poker question is where the problem lies. This is coupled to the fact that you are not allowed to use your cell phone, you cannot cancel one answer to write another, and no other aid is allowed.

So, the blackjack question went like this. “If you are dealt the 9-10-J-Q-A, all in spades, while playing video poker at ‘Snoqualmie Casino,’ and given the options on how the hands should be played, which one should you choose.

  • Option A; Toss the ace and opt for the open-ended straight-flush draw
  • Option B; Discard the 9 and opt for the royal flush
  • Option C; Discard five cards and redraw
  • Option D: Whatever you do, you will end up with the same value, so none of the actions matters.

Now, this video poker question will get a lot of people confused when thrown up for players in 888 Casino. But getting the answer right will be based on the players’ ability to decipher subtle differences. If you do not listen attentively, you will not get the hint that will help you answer this. The biggest hint for this is that you were enjoying the game at a particular casino, and this is the “Snoqualmie Casino”. This is one of the casinos that are located in Washington. It is managed by the Snoqualmie Tribal People somewhere close to Seattle. When you break this down, it reveals that the casino is being played in Washington, and that this is being done in a tribal-run casino.

The differences here lies in the fact that the random number generator selects the cards to determine the results of casinos played in all the commercial land based casinos. But, we cannot say the same for tribal run casinos. Some of the tribal run casinos will have the results of their poker hands like the results of bingo games. In others, it resembles the outcomes of a scratch off ticket in a collection of different lottery tickets left in the scratch-off game. They are under class 2 or 3 poker games by the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), federal bodies or the regulations of the state.

The Video Poker Question

So, the outcomes of the commercial games depend on the random number generators and what they bring up. While that of these tribal games are based on the outcome of a pull tab, the major difference is that while the commercial games can be won based on the players’ skills, this cannot decide the outcome of games determined by a pull tab or bingo machine. The bingo machine or scratch-off ticket determines the results. So the players input are not important.

With this enumeration, every player in 888 Casino uk, will understand that the correct answer should be option E. So, whatever you do, the same value will be the outcome of the games.

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