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Roulette: Its History, Its Evolution, Its Art! \ News \ Roulette: Its History, Its Evolution, Its Art!
Roulette: Its History, Its Evolution, Its Art!

Roulette is a game that is pretty hold, but how old you may wonder? Well throughout this post we are going to analyze just how this casino game came to be and how old is it.

We are also going to be discussing the changes and how history modified it to become the addicting and widely appreciated game we know today, so if you’re a fan of this genre of wagering then you definitely will appreciate the extra knowledge and you’re going to get the means to impress all your friends and the folk down at the casino with some pretty interesting trivia.

Without further ado, let’s start by checking the origins of the game, in the distant past, and how the game we know today was born from one of the most unexpected sources. How unexpected?

When Was Roulette Invented?

Trust us you would never think the origin would be this one, so read below.

Roulette: Its History, Its Evolution, Its Art!

Looking at the past for casino games, the sources for them are pretty varied, but one thing is for sure – they end up being used as mathematical models and mathematical examples sooner or later… but more on that later on.

For starters, let’s tell you that the origin of the game in question came from a surprising place -Chinese Monks.

The monks invented a predecessor of this game to entertain themselves as they were spreading the faith.

They would play this during dull moments and tried to predict the outcome with their godly connection. On the other hand, when they met monks from other religions, like the western ones, they spread the game further, making it a global phenomenon.

Fast forward for some time, you get in the age of Roman Legionnaires, and the way they would have fun was to flip the chariots on their sides and rotate the wheels.

This was a popular game and you can see how it bears resemblance to what you know today – but the modern source is actually pretty amazing as well.

The Changes of Roulette throughout History:

Trust us you would never think the origin would be this one, so read below.

Roulette: Its History, Its Evolution, Its Art!

You could bet and play, but you could also play roulette for free and even for educational purposes, and that is exactly what led to the modern game being developed by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal.

If you don’t know his name, you need to do a little brush up on your history, but if you know him then it probably doesn’t surprise you that he used it for educational purposes although he was also known to bet once or twice with it.

This model allowed mathematicians to better study probability and helped countless demonstrations to the masses, which is something great.

So from the little Chinese game to the wheels of chariots spinning, the game is now closer to its true self, but the real developments came when it started being used by casinos worldwide for gambling purposes, as it started growing in all different sizes, shapes, materials, and more.

Some new features started to be implemented as well, to spice up the betting, so if you want to know more just keep reading.

Trust us you would never think the origin would be this one, so read below.

Roulette: Its History, Its Evolution, Its Art!

Different Artwork Styles and Materials:

It is no surprise that early roulettes were made out of wood, and ash wood would be pretty used as it was easy to carve and pretty cheap.

With time, elegance, aesthetics, features, and more variables forced the designers to up their game and throughout the years many other materials were used like clay, ivory, ebony, oak, marble, stone, metal, and more!

Colors like red and black were added to accommodate the extra betting features and of course that green velvet on the site, the betting table, is pretty standard nowadays, although there are some more elegant places that have it in marble or other premium materials and some more futuristic venues having it in LED or electronic digital displays.

There are also different themes, from gothic to classic, and no matter what the theme or material is, you can find it nowadays since the game is so huge and so popular throughout the four corners of the globe.

Trust us you would never think the origin would be this one, so read below.

Roulette: Its History, Its Evolution, Its Art!

The Thrill of Chance Games is Here!

There’s no mistake, the thrill of playing chance games is here and mostly everywhere these days, and while you can play roulette online for free down at, you can also spice things up with a healthy bet.

The game itself is really addicting, and so it is really great that the site made a free version available so you can indulge yourself and really play for hours on end without losing a single coin, that’s the beauty of it.

Try new tactics and see if you’re lucky before you jump down to the real deal and, of course, have lots and lots of fun!

So, do you feel enriched with history already? If so, wind down from all that learning and start having some mindless fun right now – it’s free and we’re pretty sure you won’t regret it!

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