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Read About The Launch Of Dream Catcher By The 888 Casino

Read About The Launch Of Dream Catcher By The 888 Casino
888 Casino

When a game tells you to make a wish and have your wish, won’t you do just that? That is what the 888 Casino has done by unveiling the Dream Catcher casino game which is described as a money wheel that has good fortune in stock for all. The game comes with two major things, the winning potentials and the entertainment.

The major characteristic of the Dream Catcher, which people have been enjoying in the land based casinos are huge rewards and excitement. Another thing is that the game is very simple. You don’t need to learn long rules and requirements. All you need is to make the spin and win.

This live money wheel game will be pleasing to the 888 Casino fans. The games come with the most innovative sounds and images and will offer a mesmerizing and captivating experience to players.

It will start with the giant spin wheel covering your screen, and then the camera shots and close up from different quarters. The Dream Catcher mobile is another great version you can enjoy while on the move. You would hit huge luck whenever you land the wheel on the x2 Multiplier or x7 Multiplier. In fact, this is the rave of the moment in online casino and it is now brought to your screens.

Dream Catcher Game Explained

Just like other slot games, the Dream Catcher is meant to power up your senses. This online version is derived from the old land casino Dream Catcher version. Your bets could be hugely increased with the live casinos bonus multipliers. However, the fact that the game is very simple makes it even more desirable. Both the amateur and pro players fall in love with it on the first experience.

888 Casino

It is a game of chance, and the game is played on a wheel that is mounted vertically, with the storm coming up upon resumption. If you have enjoyed the game in the land based casinos, you will enjoy more when you play it on your mobile from your sitting room. Just press your phone and you will have a game full of exciting features which you can deal live. Through the highly encrypted streaming feed, you can interact with the live dealer. The game has been perfected by evolution gaming. There are many prizes for players. You can also see your wins and the bonuses while the wheel is spinning.

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How to Play Dream Catcher

It has 54 segments with pins separating them. There are special numbers and different colors for 52 of those, while 2 are for multipliers. The multipliers involve a gold x7 multiplier and a silver x2 multiplier. To play the game in 888 casino uk, you do the same old slot game thing of choosing where you think the wheel will stop. The numbers are presented to you in a line. Select one and you are game. Another amazing thing about this is how it pays. The number you choose is the payment you will get if you win. So, if you choose 20 and win, you earn 20:1 When you must have chosen and wagered, the wheel will be spun by the live dealer. Yours is to wait for the pointer to rest on a number. When the pointer lands on a multiplier, your bet will be secured, while the outcome of the next spin will be doubled by the number of the multiplier you hit. They are either x2 or x7. If this lands on a multiplier again, the wheel will be spun again and whatever you gain will be multiplied twice.

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