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A new policy change as to players from regulated markets at PokerStars

A new policy change as to players from regulated markets at PokerStars

The new changes are introduced at PokerStars. According to a new policy the players in regulated markets won’t be provided with the chance to participate in live events through their account at PokerStars.

This new police was announced via the message appeared on the poker forum of ‘Two Plus Two’. This change is related to all the members of PokerStars from the UK, Denmark, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Estonia.

According to the PokerStars Live Events team’s information, “All the players with the address ‘dot uk’, ‘dot de’, ‘dot dk’, ‘dot bg’, ‘dot be’, and ‘dot ee’ licensed operations won’t be able to enter live tournaments organized by PokerStars with their accounts at PokerStars.”

The players who have the account in an international PokerStars version will not suffer from this change. They will be offered a chance to enter any of the live tournaments directly from their room’s client. “All the members of and are welcome to join any of the live events via their account,” the representative announced.

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This message appeared as an answer to some inquires made by the players who demanded explanations as to the possibility to enter the live tournaments with the fund from their accounts.

As the representative of PokerStars told, “We have no possibility to provide this opportunity onwards. If we continue to allow players to buy-in to live tournaments with the money from their PokerStars accounts, we would not be permitted to provide these services in future.”

This new decision to forbid the buy of live events buy-ins by the client from the regulated markets is a new policy of PokerStars that decided to operate in closer connection with gaming regulatory authorities and respecting every national gaming legislations. (Meanwhile check online video poker game)

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