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Paddy Power was the first to offer customers to bet through Facebook Messenger

Paddy Power was the first to offer customers to bet through Facebook Messenger

The bookmaker Paddy Power is known not only for its betting on the most unusual events in the world of sports or culture. It was also always “ahead of the rest of the world” in terms of introducing new technologies into the work of its services.

Facebook Messenger and Paddy Power

This time Paddy Power Casino is the first online bookmaker to offer bets through the Facebook Messenger application. The giant in the field of bookmaking, known for its controversial market offers, Paddy Power has launched a new product so that registered users can bet faster through the social media platform.

The new feature will be provided by the suppliers of Onionsack, which also handle betting systems for a number of British sports networks, including Ladbrokes, William Hill and Tote UK/Betfred. The function will use a special messenger chatbot, that is, a computer program that analyses messages and responds appropriately, in the same way, that a person does.

Chatbot is the first game bot in the industry, which gives players the ability to bet directly through the Messenger of Facebook application, thanks to the Onionsack SaaS messaging platform. The program will allow bettors to log into Paddy Power accounts, check the money balance, and then write a message about the bet they want to add. The bot will automatically accept the message and execute the transaction, as SMS-systems do. An additional benefit will be getting custom push notifications, blog posts, videos and podcasts directly to the Messenger mailbox.

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Paddy Power Product Director Michael Healy says the company is pleased to make an innovative entry to the chatbot market, as it was an obvious step, given that almost every Paddy Power client is on Facebook and that most of them ‘love mobile applications for messaging.’ Mr Healy added that in addition to giving them the opportunity to receive special notifications, bot users will also be able to receive a daily dose of ‘mischief and entertainment.’

Jonathan Power, the chief executive of Onionsack, said that the bets through Facebook Messenger are a logical step and that in the future they expect the operators involved in sports betting to launch their own chat bots.

Therefore, if you are registered in any of the online casinos using Onionsack technology, you can try all the benefits of it just now!

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