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Ole Schemion celebrates his victory and first WPT title

Ole Schemion celebrates his victory and first WPT title
Ole Schemion celebrates his victory and first WPT title

The XVI WPT European Championship took place in Berlin this year. The tournament with a buy-in of € 3,300 collected 339 players competing at the Spielbank Berlin Casino and the prize for the first place was € 218 435.

Ole Schemion with a nickname “Wizowizo” was on the leading position during the whole tournament and managed to turn his leadership into another fantastic victory.

A German poker player came to the final table as a chip leader and used this advantage to knock out four opponents from the final table. His first victim was Amjad Nader, who moved to the 6th place. After him was Han Kuo Yong and Michael Behnert and Patrice Brandt. In the final heads-up Schemion played against Czech player Michal Mrakes, who was the 3rd in the Main Event of the PokerStars Championship Prague last year.

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The advantage over the chips was 2: 1 in favor of Schemion, and to determine the winner it took only 21 hand.

The final hand of the tournament was the following: Shemion raised with K ♣ 7 ♣, Mrakes moved from 7 ♠ 5 ♠ and got a call.

The flop was opened: To ♥ Q ♠ 9 ♠ – it was a top pair for Schemion and a flush draw for Mrakes.

The Czech player immediately put all-in and received a quick call from Shemion.

The turn was 8 ♥, which gave Mrakes additional outs, but the blank river 4 ♦ allowed Shemion to celebrate his victory.

List of finalists:

  1. Ole Schemion ($ 255,352)
  2. Michal Mrakes ($ 178,892)
  3. Patrice Brandt ($ 115,077)
  4. Michael Behnert ($ 74,088)
  5. Han Kuo Yong ($ 57,118)
  6. Amjad Nader ($ 47,323)
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