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New Book Exposes The Inner Secrets of Daily Fantasy Games

New Book Exposes The Inner Secrets of Daily Fantasy Games

The first book ever written on fantasy sports is about to hit bookstore shelves. Overnight, daily fantasy sports became a multi-billion dollar global industry and quickly erupted onto the national news scene. Does it all go down to chance or is it a game of skill? Is it even legal? What’s the strategy? How did it all start?

New Book Exposes The Inner Secrets of Daily Fantasy Games

We could say these are just a few of the questions answered in the new book Fantasy Sports Real Money—The Unlikely Rise of Daily Fantasy; How to Play–How to Win. It contains all about the business, strategy aspects and history of the industry. After all, it made front-page news for a reason.

The book promises to blow the lid off the secrets within the DFS industry and anyone who loves those games will find the book not just very interesting, but also financially rewarding.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, December 10, 2015 – Although millions of people have been playing fantasy sports quite recently, until this summer they had remained invisible. That’s the moment when the commercials popped in.

The surprising ad blitz caused by the leading fantasy sports purveyors in September 2015 propelled DFS onto the public screen. However, there was an unexpected consequence as well, with th scrutiny of gaming regulators and attorneys general. Is it gambling? Is it legal? How did DraftKings and FanDuel companies manage to rise so high on the ladder of prominence?

Bill Ordine, the famous writer, offers answers to these questions in his new book Fantasy Sports Real Money—The Unlikely Rise of Daily Fantasy; How to Play–How to Win. In a hot pursuit to find out how DFS became so successful in such a short time, Bill Ordine interviewed many key figures – including lobbyists, major-league sports people, and the authors of the UIGEA 2006 (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), that have been involved in the process that made fantasy sports so famous.

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The book talk about the novice to intermediate fantasy sports participant, offering solid details on how to start correctly and compete, with strategies from the professionals and case studies of daily fantasy sports champions.

What’s more, the book has been published by gambling-info leader Huntington Press from Las Vegas, being the only fantasy sports source to cover baseball, football, hockey, golf, and basketball, with plenty of strategies for creating line-ups, finding pricing inefficiencies, maximizing salary-cap, identifying overlays, and concepts that are currently being incorporated by experts to win big money in this challenging sports-betting virtual world.

Review Copies

Request a printed copy, a PDF download of Fantasy Sports, Real Money, high-resolution photos, more info or just details on how to arrange an interview with the author from Jessica Roe at [email protected] or 702-252-0655.

Book Details

The paperback boasts 320 pages, a 6-page photo spread, and it’s priced at $19,95, while the e-book is available at Amazon and other major booksellers for $9,99.

About the Author – Bill Ordine

Bill Ordine is a former editor and reporter covering both news and sports for Baltimore Sun and Philadelphia Inquirer. He fell in love with DFS since the beginning. The author has not only studied the business side of this exploding industry, but also interviewed some big names in the DFS world – winners and theorists. Ordine has also been a lead journalist for the Inquirer, and he coordinated a team that got into the finals for the Pulitzer Prize in 1997. Bill Ordine has many articles on gambling featured in Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, and Los Angeles Times, among others.

Huntington Press

Las Vegas-based Huntington Press Publishers is a gambling-information book and periodical publisher, owning credits for the bible of gambling called Anthony Curtis’ Las Vegas Advisor.

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