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Mecca Bingo Has an Unbeatable TV Offer Just Waiting for You to Enjoy

Mecca Bingo Has an Unbeatable TV Offer Just Waiting for You to Enjoy

Welcome to the network promotion to rule all others, because there’s £650,000 on the line throughout November and some of that could be yours.

There’s an amazing network promotion going on at Mecca Bingo and we want you to be a part of it. We’ve got a huge amount of prizes up for grabs, all connected with one of the very best TV shows ever made.

Mecca Bingo Has an Unbeatable TV Offer Just Waiting for You to Enjoy

If you’re a bingo fan but also love wasting hours of your life in front of the idiot’s lantern, this deal is surely tailored to you in mind. It takes just a few seconds for you to start matching up those winning combinations on the cards with our latest amazing offer. If this sounds like something you just can’t help yourself from getting involved in, read on for the full details.

What’s the most important, culturally significant TV show ever to have hit the air? That’s right, it’s the fantastic Deal or No Deal. Featuring the simply wonderful Noel Edmonds, the show is an enduring hit for all the right reasons. Arbitrary choices, a telephone and a series of boxes simply can’t be improved on. And now, with our great offer, you can make the most of the Winter season.

Simply head over to our best-loved Network Bingo room, with the amazing Deal or No Deal bingo game. From the 3rd to the 30th of November, we’re going to be rolling out the red carpet every day, at teatime, or 4 pm. There’ll be a massive £20,000 available every single night, just waiting for you to snatch in your greasy paws.

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Mecca Bingo Has an Unbeatable TV Offer

And we’re pushing things even further on the weekends, adding an extra ten thousand to the pot. That means that on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll be able to play for an amazing jackpot of £30,000.

We’re not joking when we say that in all history of human endeavour, nothing has come close to matching this exceptional prize giveaway. And the best part is, a fairly accurate rendering of Noel himself will lead you to these amazing prizes. The game is one of our all-time top picks, and it’s easy to see why. Featuring bingo and television, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Now, thanks to an impressive prize share on offer, this classic of 888 Casino online just got that much better.

And if you’re rather not get involved, why not check out the fantastic Mecca slots ? We have all the classics, just waiting for you. Our fantastic site has everything you need to make your fortune today

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