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Lucky Casino Player Gets A Huge Bonus Without Spending!

Lucky Casino Player Gets A Huge Bonus Without Spending!

If you’re wondering how someone won a thousand and two hundred pounds free of charge at the casino, we aren’t surprised since most people think that is impossible. However, we’re going to tell you all that happened in a minute.

Lucky Casino Player Gets A Huge Bonus Without Spending!

The Winner: Katherine from the U.K. (Merseyside)!

The winner in question is Katherine, a Merseyside resident of thirty-two years old who revealed to the world what many people know – that even without money down you can earn if you play your wager right. This counters a big misconception that has been overwhelming the masses for ages, and that is that you really need to spend hundreds in order to be able to stand a chance at winning something worthy.

Well, this winner showed this all is possible thanks to casino incentives and, of course, free spins down at the slots – at least on where it all happened, on the


It all went down on that sunny afternoon of the 3rd of April, Sunday when Katherine went to her favourite casino – – to play on her favourite slot machine for some time.

She logged in her page and was offered five free spins, something that is pretty usual for the slots, and she went for the Neon Staxx slot to try her luck.

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She scored some wins on those free spins and converted all of it to cash. The earnings were not that big, but they were enough for the player to keep on betting.

Katherine Was Lucky: The Magic Happened!

And this is where it gets exciting and where we see the true power and thrill of casino games. She converted the money into more spins and increased her earnings, hitting a 1200 pounds jackpot. The free spins policy is pretty common on casinos at the MariaCasino, and a proof of that is the forty free spin policy for those newbies who just sign up.

An Extended Promotion: Try Your Own Luck!

The representatives of the later announced that following that win, they were raising the free spins bonus to 100 during this Monday only, so you better try your luck and sign up in order to reap it.

Greg Brown, the manager, states that the team is eager to show players worldwide that wins are possible even with zero investment.

Are you ready to see if lady luck is smiling towards you? Nothing to lose, plenty to gain!

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