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London Croupier Lists the Things to Do and Things Not to Do in a Casino

London Croupier Lists the Things to Do and Things Not to Do in a Casino
888 Casino

Many people believe they know the moves to make in order to succeed in a casino game, as revealed in Kenny Rogers’ lyrics about what to keep and what to throw away. But a London croupier tells that knowing when to fold and when to bet, mastering the strategy, and being informed about the house edge is not all you need to be successful in a casino. The croupier states that the ultimate success in casino games lies in knowing the things that annoy the dealer and avoiding them.

Now, because the dealers are always overworked, you may meet them when they are already tired and exhausted. At this time, anything that irritates them will probably make you lose the game. So, in 888 Casino as in other casinos:

Do not eat at the table

Now, you are allowed to eat at the gaming tables but don’t do it. Dealers who have seen chips and cards gummed together by noodles and meat oil, chips and sauce all over the table, flecks of food on players’ faces, and wine spilled all over the felt, will hate you once they see you with food at any table. With this, you are looking at a hostile dealing and that means losing already.

Do not cough and spread saliva

When you cough greenies and mess the entire espresso cup, when you cannot spit until you give out a disgusting snorting sound, when you spit in the cup holder or ashtray, you are making the dealer angry. When, however, you make the mistake of spitting on the dealer or on another player, get ready to be hated by everybody in the casino. This is to say, you will never get a fair dealing again. For one of the dealers, no matter how sweet looking you are, no one wants to see your saliva.

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888 Casino

Crying and seeking self-pity

While you shouldn’t bring out your saliva for the dealers to see, also keep your tears because no one wants to see them. A man who constantly yells and cries, shouting that it is unfair every time he loses some hands is being a nuisance and will not attract any sympathy from the dealers. Some may even gamble an amount the dealer does not earn in a month every other night and cry about losing it. The dealer’s impression would be, you fool, give me this money and you won’t see me here again.

Don’t come to the casino in dirty clothes

Do you know the type of unpleasant stench that will ooze out from your body when you wear the same clothes for more than 3 days? One dealer talked about how a woman stank so much that whenever she was around, they would set off the fire alarm after 20 minutes so as to get her to leave. Even when she wanted to spend up to 40 minutes, they would still do this. So, do you think anyone will enjoy dealing to such a person or will ever deal to them without prejudice? Don’t be the person that stinks in a casino.

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