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Ladbrokes Launches the Omni – Wallet Feature

Ladbrokes Launches the Omni – Wallet Feature

In an effort to combine the interaction of customers with retail and digital objects, the bookmaker Ladbrokes announced the launch of its omni-wallet. The payment processing function will be launched through more than 3,500 betting points and will be further integrated into the Ladbrokes The Grid loyalty card and mobile app.

The bookmaker seeks to create an uninterrupted transaction system for Ladbrokes online players and all Ladbrokes retail products, including slot machines and FOBT terminals.

Omni - Wallet Feature by Ladbrokes

Now Ladbrokes customers can instantly add their winnings to the omni-wallet or get it in cash. In addition, all retail and online customers will be able to deposit and withdraw funds for their universal wallet at the Ladbrokes PPP.

Darren Calvia, Head of Omni-Channel Products at Ladbrokes Coral, commented on the launch of the universal wallet:

“Customer satisfaction is the foundation of everything we do, and we are proud that the omni-wallet Ladbrokes is now the industry’s leading multi-channel solution. Customers began to use the “The Grid” offer at Ladbrokes bets, and now we give them more choice and control, but they prefer to bet with us. We offer the same great experience with cash or an online wallet through all channels: offline, online and on mobile devices. This launch is an excellent example of the benefit of being part of the Ladbrokes Coral Group multi-brand group, as we were able to learn from the long-established Coral omni-wallet solution, Connect cards and add-ons. “

At the first stage of the deployment of the new offer, the omni-wallet will be launched for Ladbrokes slot machines. Ladbrokes reports that by the middle of December the omni-wallet will be available on 7000 FOBT terminals with full integration performed in all product verticals.

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The wallet is equipped with responsible mechanisms of gambling, including means of monitoring expenditure levels, as well as enhanced opportunities for deposit investments.

Recall that Ladbrokes is one of the oldest and leading UK bookmaking companies. The bookmaker is a part of Ladbrokes Coral Group plc and accepts bids both online and through a network of 3,500 betting points in the UK. So visit Ladbrokes online today to assess the quality of services provided!

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