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Incredible Hulk Slot

Real play
Real Play
Incredible Hulk Slot
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Incredible Hulk Slot

Hulk Smashes a Great Incredible Hulk Slot Machine Game!

If you think Bruce is always angry then you have that right, at least in the slot machine we are currently reviewing.

Time to rip that shirt off and show your green six pack around, as the time has come to play The Incredible Hulk slot free!

That’s right, risk nothing and get those puny humans smashed under your rage – while getting the thrill of playing slots and collecting great payouts in the way.

Check this game’s features out and get to smashing hard!

Additional Info
  • • Launch: September 2009
  • • Software: Playtech
  • • Slot type: Video
  • • Reels: 5
  • • Min. bet: 1per line
  • •Max. bet: 100 per line
  • •Payout %: 94%
Incredible Hulk slot game free play

Play the Incredible Hulk Slot Machine: 3D Graphics and Great Audio!

The first thing you’ll notice as soon as you open up the Incredible Hulk slot game in your browser is the fact that the game has an insanely polished 3D Graphics interface, making it one of the most beautiful slot machine games to look at currently holding one of Marvel’s most iconic hero.

There’s no music, so you’ll get to enjoy the sound effects in full – and the developers have walked the extra mile in order to guarantee they are adequate and will help you feel the rage and misery Hulk is delivering with each smash – the more things get smashed, the higher the payouts, but we’ll get on it in a minute.

The Incredible Hulk Slot: Hulk is WILD!

Throughout every successful slot machine, there’s the WILD tile – that tile we enjoy seeing as it lines up with our biggest expectations and wish to see popping in each play. Well in this case the Wild tile is Hulk himself!

Line Hulk in a certain way, and he’ll come out widening his presence to other tiles. This isn’t all however, since there are also scatter tiles with the free spins and a bonus mini-game as well, which we will discuss below.

Get the Incredible Hulk free experience: Enjoy the mini-game too!

When you trigger a bonus, you’ll get a mini-game that consists of Hulk smashing police vehicles, like cars and – if you’re lucky enough – a helicopter.

You can also smash a whole row of vehicles if you are in a rage, so bear that in mind to increase the payouts. Now you know what to be crossing your fingers for – the mini-game is insanely gratifying.

Minimal Animation: Maximum Rage!

The game keeps tile animation to a minimum while focusing on communicating dynamics, feelings and overall movement through something Marvel excels in – art and still images.

This doesn’t mean the game is devoid of movement, since it is clearly not – it just means movement is perceived and, when you break it down, it isn’t that upfront as it may seem.

Quite an artist’s work – being able to communicate dynamics without animation is the work of a true artisan.

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