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How to choose what type of online roulette to play

How to choose what type of online roulette to play
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Gambling for the modern man became a substitute for war. If the Knights fought in the battles and spent all of their free time in preparation for a battle, the modern knights are embraced with the excitement of victory with the ball. Especially because roulette bonus is now available to everyone regardless of gender, age, wealth and the lack of a tuxedo. Definitely, the casino needs a good suit, but in a roulette online for free without registration you can sit at home in front of your computer, in the comfort and freedom of movement in your clothes.

Despite more than a century of existence, you can find a very limited number of roulette types in online casinos. In fact, there are only three main types of roulette present: European, American and French. Of course, in some online casinos it can be found more unusual versions of the game. For example, a mini-roulette with the “cut-off” half-table bets or roulette without zero. From these games you can also have fun due to their originality and gameplay mechanics. But if your goal is not just to have fun, but also to capitalize in the online roulette, it is better to stay on the “proven” with time and experience options. In this article we will try to figure out what type of roulette it is better to play in an online casino to get a guaranteed profit from the game.

Which type is better?

To select the roulette you need to consider a few basic parameters. The most important of them is the house edge, which has long been known for the main types of roulette. For example, a European roulette figure is 2.63%, in the US – 5.26%. From this point of view, the “record” is a mini roulette – 7.69%. In some online casino the mini roulette has a rule according to which half of the bet is returned to you if the ball lands on a zero sector. In such casinos the advantage is reduced to 3.85%. In the French roulette the casino advantage is slightly less than 2.63%.

A separate version of a roulette, the so-called roulette without a zero, where the advantage of the casino is not laid. But, as usual, we can’t live without the pitfalls: the fact is that the casino compensates the lack of direct benefits with a tax, which is charged from the player in every round, or after every win. Thus, to play roulette without the zero becomes more disadvantageous than, for example, the American roulette with a huge advantage.

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How to choose a roulette: which type is better to play in online casinos

At the first glance it may seem that the best way to play is the French roulette, where, thanks to the special rules the spendings on the round in the case of certain losses are less. On the other hand, you should take into account such factors as ease of play: the French roulette interface is entirely on the French language, so that the names of betting options and sectors will be completely unfamiliar, and it will be harder to play.

You can take mini roulette as a means of earning in an online casino despite the great advantage of the house, but only if you stick to win the so-called progressive betting systems that emphasize on equal chances. It has long been known that the Martingale strategy and similar systems have one significant drawback: at a certain point when you increase once again the bet, the player is faced with a limit of bets on the table and cannot deliver more, playing, thus, all of the previous cost. In the mini-roulette there are no so strict limits, so it is more profitable to use the progressive betting system.

Well, the simplest answer to the question of what roulette to choose for earnings in online casinos, is, of course, European roulette. Classic and simple rules, the minimum for this category of gambling casino advantage and familiar interface makes European roulette the best option especially if for earnings in roulette you use something more sophisticated and effective than the Martingale system and similar strategies.

Whichever type you choose, modern roulette free online is much more convenient, because you can play anytime, anywhere, whenever you want, fully control the flow of money, as they say – keep your finger on the pulse.

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