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Highest level of UK public’s consciousness of responsible gambling

Highest level of UK public’s consciousness of responsible gambling

The Senet Group has informed that the level of public awareness of the responsible gambling messages in the UK had reached its record now.

UK public’s consciousness of responsible gambling

An independent survey of 2000 adults revealed that 50-90% of respondents were aware of the main messages in connection with putting betting limits, not to spend more that they can, not to suffer from losses and not to neglect family and friends in favour of gambling.

The Senet Group has organized a number of campaigns aiming at responsible gaming promotion. One of such a campaigns is ‘When the Fun Stops Stop’.

24% of survey participants also confessed that this initiative helped them to understand the necessity of responsibility in gambling and 18% even told that they began playing less as a consequence of this campaign.

Furthermore, every fifth of the respondents informed that thanks to the campaign ‘When the Fun Stops Stop’ they were able to warn other players about responsibility in gambling.

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The chair at Senet Group Wanda Goldwag commented that their aim was to form understanding of the possible risks when gambling turns from a social activity to something more serious.

“We have found the best results are achieved when the messages are written in informal language and communicated consistently across an assortment of platforms. ”

“We do not preach or seek to scare, but rather speak in a way that will encourage gamblers to consider their own habits and to speak to family members and friends if they think they might need help. ”

“We are pleased with the progress that has been made in our two years of operation but there is more that can be done, particularly with young players and online services.”

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