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Gambling became legal in Japan

Gambling became legal in Japan

On the 26th of December, 2016, casino gambling has been legalized in Japan officially. The law allows to provide gambling services in the country, but another legislative piece is voted on and comes into effect in order to allow to construct such venues.

Gambling in Japan

If none of the problems occur in this process, we can expect to visit a casino in Japan in 2021. There is a necessity to pass a bill of implementation by the government and this will take up to a year. Approximately half a year will pass after a request for concept and a request for proposal processes are released and completed. This bill is necessary for the defining of such important things as the number, location, and operation of the future casinos.

Experts predict that casino venues in Japan will be situated in two large integrated resorts in main areas like Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka.

Possible consequences

The bill has been supported by the necessary legislation, which cannot be said about the residents. It has always been supported by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his governing Liberal Democratic Party. A Japanese news agency, Kyodo News, even conducted a poll, which proved that the support of top officials reduced by 6% after the bill was implemented.

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These results show that the average Japanese people have some concerns as to the fact that gambling addiction cases may increase when such gambling establishments will become available for anyone. Another poll offered by national public broadcaster of Japan, NHK, revealed that only 12% of participants supported the construction of the gambling integrated resorts within the country while 44% are strongly against this future possibility.

Japanese statesmen paid attention to the concerns about the possible addiction and intend to make certain safeguards to secure people who are defenseless in this situation.

Profitable venues

There are some predictions that Japan could become a casino gambling powerhouse and there’s speculation that the future full-year revenue would comprise about $20-$40 billion. The appearance of integrated resorts has been highly anticipated by the country’s tourism industry, as it can increase the number of tourists coming to the country.

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