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First Major Conference on Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain in Stockholm

First Major Conference on Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain in Stockholm

On September 7, Stockholm (Sweden) will host a major conference on the technology of Blockchain and crypto-currencies – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm.

First Major Conference on Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain

The main topics will be the implementation of block-business technology in business, the legislative regulation of crypto-currencies (experience of different jurisdictions), the improvement of living standards through new technologies, the development of smart contracts in a decentralized economy.

Separate attention will be paid to the development of the block-system in FinTech. Participants will analyse the already working projects on banking in the banking sector.

The co-founder of Daniel Zakrisson will talk about his experience of successful holding of the crowdsale campaign and tell about the possibilities of the ICO.

In June 2017, he founded the platform, designed to search for investments and financing start-ups (the project was developed by the ICONOMI team), and earned $ 15 million in investments during the ICO.

As Daniel told, a month after Initial Coin Offering, the company joined the active work. In they report on more than 100 projects that used their services.

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This result made the platform’s founder a well-known personality in the crypto community and a regular participant in important conferences in New York, Miami and Oslo.

During Stockholm conference, Daniel will deliver a report “Crowdsdale for Entrepreneurs”, in which he will talk about a radical change in the approach to venture capital and the prospects of crowdsale.

The speaker will give practical advice as to which projects are suitable and which do not fit the ICO, how compatible the crowdsale is and the tasks of the particular entrepreneur. Daniel will also focus on the regulation of the crowdsale campaigns.

Read more about this and other conference reports at Blockchain & Bitcoin Сonference Stockholm.

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