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Female Gambling Psychology and Choices

Female Gambling Psychology and Choices

Findings show that over 51% of people all over the world are involved in gambling. It was predicted that in 2011, the gambling revenues would reach €21 billion and it turned out this number even exceeded the expectations. Speaking of female gambling, since 2004, the percentage of women who gamble has increased by 80%. And if we take UK gamblers, 43% of them are women. Gambling Association conducted a study last year which showed that 54% of the females who participated had been gambling in the past month.

Lady Luck Gambling

In fact, there is no particular division between casino games for men and women as they are all unisex. Nevertheless, women tend to prefer slots, bingo and even poker. Bingo has become so popular among women that it is even now considered a female game. Over 70% of all bingo players throughout the world are ladies.

The Reasons Why Women are Fond of Casinos

Casinos all over the world, including online casinos, are always creative in their attempts to attract ladies to gamble. But why do women participate? What is their psychology towards gambling? Unlike men who do it for a thrill and look for the ways to dominate their opponents, women adore interaction and socialising. Online bingo is then a smart choice. The main feature of online bingo that ladies adore is its online chat that enables interaction and unlimited communication. Moreover, ladies are constantly looking for games where they can try out their luck.

However, online casinos are unwavering in their attempts to attract women to other gambling activities, such as slots and poker. No wonder the number of female poker and slot players grows so dramatically. But it’s not just luck that makes women love slots. Familiarity and the feeling they will enjoy playing it are the key factors why females are fond of slots. In addition, bingo and slots do not require huge investments and they can thus be described as low-stake gambling activities.

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Female Poker Players? They are Everywhere

The percentage of online poker female players is growing steadily. According to the International Game Technology, between the years 2012 and 2013, the number of women who play poker online increased by 22%. Years ago, it used to be uncommon to see women in one of the poker rooms as they were often facing abuse and derogatory comments, but when online poker emerged, the situation changed. It is now safe for both male and female players. World poker tournaments even feature lots of experienced players who are females. Liv Boeree is one of the well-known names in the world of female poker.


It is a well-known fact that women are inclined to socialisation. That’s why, among their favorite gambling activities, bingo occupies the first place. As a rule, they are not overwhelmed about feeling a thrill or domination – they just want seek for simplicity and luck. For those who are fond of more serious gambling experience, online poker is becoming more and more popular choice.

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