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Daily Bonuses at Betsafe Live Casino

Daily Bonuses at Betsafe Live Casino

No doubts that Betsafe Casino has the right to boast of the best Live Casinos on offer online. It has a splendid range of table games that promise really good wins. However, to improve your chances of winning, you can also use daily offices available at Betsafe Live Casino.

Betsafe Live Casino Bonuses

Fun Week

If you have already got interested in these daily offers, you need to press the ‘Take Part’ button once per week to become the part of the fun from Monday till Sunday.

You have to log in to your account at Betsafe every day during the week to get your wins and here is what waits for you:

  • • On Mondays, you are offered a chance to become the winner at the Betsafe Blackjack Table. You just need to land a winning Blackjack hand and you will get a £5 bonus to your account on the following day. You can claim this bonus 5 times in total and be rewarded with up to £25.
  • • On Tuesdays, you are to be at the exclusive Betsafe Blackjack Table between 10:00 and 23:59 CET. If you play during this time, you will get a random £5 that will be added to your account until 18:00 CET on the following day. The wagering requirements for the bonus is at least 35 times during 7 days if you do not want to lose the bonus.
  • • On Wednesdays, you can get a £5 at the Betsafe Blackjack Table. You should play through your first 5 Blackjack hands of the day and a £5 bonus is yours. The money will be sent to your account till 18:00 CET next day.
  • • On Thursdays, a £15 bonus waits for you at Betsafe Live Casino for playing at the Betsafe Blackjack Table and Immersive Roulette table. You have to play 10 rounds with the minimum bet of £10 to get a reward. You can claim this bonus only once and the requirement for wagering is £35 times.
  • • On Fridays, you are offered a chance to join any of the fantastic Live Roulette or Live Blackjack tables at Betsafe Live Casino. The wagering requirement, in this case, is £150 at each of the tables if you play from your PC and you will get a £10 bonus. If you do the same via your mobile, your bonus is £15. The bonus will be credited to your account at once.
  • • If you make a deposit at Betsafe Casino on Saturdays, you will be able to choose a bonus yourself. You can be rewarded with 50% up to £100. You can make your choice in the ‘Available Bonuses’ section. The received Live Casino bonus can help you win more!
  • • A cool bonus of 10% cashback waits for you on Sundays. You will get a reward for the minimum deposit of £20. After depositing, enjoy yourself at a Live Roulette or Live Blackjack table and get up to £100.
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As you can see, to become a lucky winner is not a great deal! Just register at Betsafe Casino and keep up playing!

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