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Cybersport Inspires New Skill-Based Slot Machines

Cybersport Inspires New Skill-Based Slot Machines

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Blackjack has not been one of the favorites in Los Vegas Casinos due to small margins and tiny percentage. It could have even disappeared in the 1980’s when notorious MIT Blackjack Team was at their pomp.

The situation might have become even worse when poker started to attract more players. Just remember that until 2005 Ladbrokes Poker with Microgaming software was the biggest poker site in Europe, although now online poker occupies a minor segment at bookmaking sites of Europe.

Why is it so? Everything due to a new pastime that is overtaking the world. And this is eSports. More and more bookies turn their attention to this betting medium and even Las Vegas, which was always a mecca for gambling, reveals interest in eSport venues. They even host such of these venues like the HyperX eSports Arena at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

eSports is more of a ‘skill’ type entertainment that attracts the generation of the so-called ‘Millennials’. That’s why it has better appeal. Because of these reasons, games like Keno and Bingo are losing their attractiveness. This generation of players is even abandon slot machines instead seeking gambling games that reward good play as opposed to random luck.

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Changes Are Nearby

Understanding the fact that 2/3 in land-based casinos and online gambling clubs belongs to slots and new type of gamblers prefer video-styled games, this gambling establishments try to introduce ‘skill-based slots’ to get more profit.

Entertainments like video poker do not satisfy the visitors any more, as they only slightly require the use of skills. So, in 2015 Nevada regulators and representatives of gambling equipment development companies discussed a draft bill that sets the rules for the manufacture and use of skill-based slot machines. Later that you’re the lawmakers of this state permitted such slots to reward players for their skills with greater wins.

Skill-based slot machines will not cause one part of the market to absorb another, but they will make this type of entertainment more attractive to young players.

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