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Rare Cards Value in Coin Master

Coin master is a popular online game that allows you to build villages and earn coins. As the ruler of a growing village, you are in charge of making it grow into a large kingdom. To achieve this goal, you will need to understand the whole coin master rare cards list and spend the entire lotta coins.

And for you to attain these coins, you must perform all the required tasks. You will have to build up your village, raise your pets, collect chests full of useful cards and perform successful raids among other tasks. If you love this game and want to learn more about the coin master rare cards list 2021, then don’t worry. You will get everything right here.

The Coin Master Game Rare Cards List

Coin Master has various types of cards. They include rare, mid-rare and extremely rare. Here is a list of rare cards in coin master and it includes all the three categories. This list is only updated when new sets are added or when values change.


Farmer Feng, Barrel Tank, Satyr, Kettle, Smoking Pipe, Nessie, Tall Tim, Cheerful Chad, Holy Monk, Phantom, Medusa, Genie, Gnome House, Flamingo, Santa Helper, SilverBack, Sneaky, Jaguar, Toto, Pink Eddy.


EI, Magic Tree, Mary Matlida, Scarecrow, Evidence, Kingsfoil, Fighting Monk, Creaky Crow, Excalibur, Fighting Fred, Mythical Tune, Santa, Hobby Horse.

Very Rare

Martin Lettuce, Arm Strong, Torero, Aztec Princes, Elder Elk, Portly Pete, Cleopatra, Jelly Fish, Santa Sled’s, Little Lenya, Flamur the Flutist, Mythical Dome, Fondue, Frida, Mighty Wizard.

Where to Find a Coin Master Very Rare Cards List

There are many places out there where you can find a coin master very rare cards list to pick from. Different players get them from different places. The most common places include golden chest, magical chest and wooden chest. The type of cards you buy depends on the village you are in when purchasing them.

Use Facebook Groups to Get Very Rare Cards

Facebook groups are a perfect place to find difficult cards. Some groups just give them for free, while others are for trading. To get a free rare cards list coin master, you must also donate some of them to the group. It means that there is a mutual benefit in the groups that donate them for free.

Hard to Get Cards FAQs

The Coin Master Game Rare Cards List

1. Are these cards rare?

Not all of them are difficult to get. Some of them are easy to find while others are not. The rare cards coin master list above shows all the three categories.

2. Can I purchase these cards?

It is possible to buy the cards, especially if you cannot trade them than you can purchase. All the three categories are available on eBay. But you should be careful since there are many scammers out there.

3. How can you get rare cards?

There are various ways of getting them. First, you must unlock the cards you need and after that, start trading or purchasing the chests. You should know the values of the cards before purchasing them to avoid paying too much.

4. How can I get the missing cards?

After building your villages and you discover that you are missing a lot of cards, you should stop building and start purchasing card assets. The missing ones will only be available when you buy many of them. You should not wait for long since they will be difficult to find.

5. I know that there are many scammers out there. So, how can I avoid them?

Most of these cards are available in Facebook groups. So to avoid scammers, you should ask group admins to help you, especially when you are buying them from a stranger or for the first time. Admins know how to handle transaction processes, and they will ensure that you have good deals.


Rare cards list in coin master provides players with an opportunity to understand the different categories available. This makes it easy to know what you are missing before visiting a Facebook group to get them. You can get cards easily by trading or exchanging them with other players in Facebook groups.

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