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Chris Moorman Cements His Online Poker Legacy

Chris Moorman Cements His Online Poker Legacy
Chris Moorman Cements His Online Poker Legacy

888poker’s official ambassador, Chris Moorman, has broken new records by taking first place in the Online Triple Crown for the 26th time. Developed originally by PocketFives, this tournament is won by a player winning three different events on three different poker networks over a period of seven consecutive days.

The Heir to the Online Throne

Moorman has really set the world of online poker ablaze during his career. He’s thought to have generated around $14 million in winnings, triumphing to claim titles at sites like partypoker and 888 Casino poker, to name just two. Mr Moorman insists that money isn’t the main motivator behind his game, mentioning that prestige and trophies are far more appealing to him. Whatever the reason, it’s certainly lit a fire under this prodigal poker talent. Since making his entrance on the scene at the 2008 World Series of Poker, his career has gone from strength-to-strength.

A Career in Orbit

Having seemingly conquered the online poker sphere, Moorman now wants to try his luck in the live divisions. To triumph in the live equivalent of the Triple Crown, Moorman will need to bag some wins in the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, and the PokerStars tournament. It’ll be interesting to see if the changes in format affect his game. Online poker tends to be played rapidly with a high volume of hands at 888 Casino. Live poker, conversely, is played at a much slower pace, which could frustrate his game and pile on the psychological pressure, something that opponents with experience of the live circuit are sure to try and exploit. It’ll certainly be interesting to see if Moorman can keep his cool when playing publicly.

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A Career in Orbit

A New Beginning

There are other more onerous demands that a live 888 Casino uk tour has for players that simply aren’t a concern for online competitors. Living on the road, keeping up appearances, and trying to maintain physical and emotional well being are all somewhat more demanding prospects when crossed with the pressures of travelling. Still, Moorman should be commended for moving outside of his comfort zone after he’s made it readily apparent that the world of online poker doesn’t seem to hold any further challenges for the foreseeable future. We can only hope that he enjoys the same luck when it comes to trying his hand at the real deal.

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