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Celebrities winning in casinos

Celebrities winning in casinos
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History shows that virtually all of the world famous celebrities are not shy of excitement, which is considered by successful spoiled citizens as an emotional kind of entertainment and PR. Moreover, many of the individuals, thriving in dangerous jungles of the film industry and bloody show business, are seriously addicted to poker, baccarat and blackjack.

A kind of meteor shower is observed for decades in the casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City – known film actors, directors and performers are mostly very prone to any invigorating pleasures. The casinos of Monte Carlo and London are less susceptible to invasion of the stellars because of the strict rules and conservative traditions, but nevertheless the stars are noticed there too.

The visit of the “star” is a great advertisement for any casino. Moreover, if we are talking about the famous singer, then with such a player it is always possible to make a lucrative contract for a couple of concerts. And in the event of a major fatal loss, it is possible to hire the same Elton John, Brad Pitt or Mickey Jagger as a porter or a Jack …

Who’s there at the next table? Yes, it’s Bruce Willis, in person! Not so long ago “Die Hard” annealed coolly in a casino in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, constantly winning and losing truly legendary amounts. His coolest win was the jackpot in half a million dollars won in the “Baccarat”. However, a little later, “to compensate this” the well-deserved savior of the planet’s left 117 thousand dollars in roulette.

Today, the Great and Almighty can easily be found at the supermarket, where the star furtively buys conventional flashlights in the event of a doomsday which (you never know – the years are not the same!) he can fail to prevent …

Ben Affleck is not only a talented actor and winner of two “Oscar” awards, but also a professional poker player. Among the actors he is most certainly one of the most serious poker players. He often participates in prestigious poker tournaments. In 2004 in one of them he received 356,000 dollars and a year later another 25 thousand.

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The dream of all women in the world, hunk George Clooney, at the slightest opportunity literally occupies poker tables in various casinos in the world. Having played several iconic roles in films about the gambling business, this suspiciously ageless gentleman recently became a solid investor in the construction of a new casino in Las Vegas.

The epic film “Ocean’s 11” affected the real guy Brad Pitt, who during the breaks between filming episodes managed to make a pair of spins in slot machines. However, having lost a couple of times on a large, Achilles realized that it is better to be on the other side of the game table. And put a few million in the construction of a large complex of gambling in Las Vegas.

Paris Hilton does not neglect the territory of excitement and cutie, as she cannot squander the received billions as an inheritance. After the big win, which happened to her recently, she shared her good news with her friends. To do this, she photographed the money and posted photos on the social network. About the size of the win a variety of rumors exist. Many argue that the star went to the casino with the sum of 50 thousand dollars, while others are convinced that Paris Hilton has won 100 thousand dollars.

At the tables not only actors can be seen, but also masters of sport. Poker is a real fan with Teddy Sheringham – former England team striker. He won quite a large amount, but lost too often. Teddy told reporters that he is not yet ready to leave the game and is seriously directed to winning. Also a regular customer of gambling houses in Las Vegas is a basketball player Charles Barkley. American Charles Barkley is considered one of the best forwards in the history of the NBA (National Basketball Association), on the last weekend he won in Las Vegas casino about 700 thousand dollars.

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