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CAP’s review as to the gambling adverts

CAP’s review as to the gambling adverts

The UK Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has issued the results of their review concerning the connection of gambling ads with younger generation and all the gamblers.

This was done as a way to answer the Department of Culture, Media and Sports for UK about the impact of promoting and marketing gambling institutions and the effect this can cause.

The review proved the limited influence of the adverts on the general people. CAP keeps to a strict following of the accepted regulations as to the plot and means used while gambling advertising. All the possible multi-processes and mediums of promotion have been studied.

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The independent research on this topic was published this year by ASA, which revealed the public concerns as to the negative influence of such an ad. CAP ensured everyone that they quite understand the specialty of the problem, but are trying to keep to the policy of responsible gambling advertising which is within the country’s laws.

The review comprised:

  1. Creation of the advertising rules.
  2. The expansion and improvement of the evidence base.
  3. Help of the academics in analyzing the existing risks and means of avoiding them.
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