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Blackjack Strategy – Advanced Counting of Cards

Blackjack Strategy – Advanced Counting of Cards
Blackjack Strategy

Counting cards in blackjack games at 888 Casino is also called a strategy deviation. It gets this name simply because, in order to apply such a strategy, you need to let go of the classical moves you would make in order to increase your winning chances. Knowing when to hit, stand or fold, for example. But applying such a strategy deviation is not as straightforward as it sounds and it’s totally dependent on the deck that is played.

How to Do It?

Counting cards doesn’t require the player to memorize all the cards that are used for play, that can prove to be quite impossible in case you’re not some kind of a mutant or a genius. Instead, you can apply a counting system using percentages. Every card that is being drawn by the dealer can either increase or decrease your winning chances. So, what you need to do is keep track of those cards in order to be able to predict what card is going to be next.

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Hi-Lo System

Hi-Lo System

In that respect, the most used system observed in 888 Casino UK is the Hi-Lo one where all cards from 2 to 6 are assigned a +1 value, cards from 7 to 9 are 0’s and 10s, face cards and Aces are minus 1. After each hand is done, the values are calculated and the total is divided by the number of decks you think are still to be played. The value you get is the True count and this is a normalization of the ratio between high and low cards that are still in the deck. And the higher the number goes, the more likely it is that your next card is going to be a high one and the other way around. Simple, right?

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