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Betting shops vs Casinos

Betting shops vs Casinos
casino and betting shops

One of the British major casino’ bosses has assailed the betting shops as they are ‘destroying the high street’ and made known his desire to apply influence on the politicians to make arrangement in connection with disputatious privileges betting machines possess.

Simon Thomas, the person that paid $45 million to restore the London Hippodrome in Leicester Square, explained, “It is not a surprise for everyone that gambling entertainments provide the most significant stakes as well as prizes, though they are greatly taxed and regulated, and casinos were the correct place for this. But the occurred situation with betting shops seems really inept, as they have the quickest and highest bet machines with one person to operate them.”

“Europe doesn’t give the opportunity to such machines on the high street with the ban on them in many countries, as these countries realize the negative influence they have on people. Government in Britain has to take severe measures to stop the development of the problem.”

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Just compare: British casinos have about 3,000 stake machines and betting shops- about 33,000. The top bet in the casino is £5, while in the betting shop £100, which makes the fears as to the negative impact of gambling true to life. But the betting operators don’t see the connection between these facts.

A gambling spokesperson admitted that alcohol is available only in casinos throughout the day and not in betting shops.

The person from Regulus Partners gaming consultancy Dan Waugh remarked, “While gambling business was free of various regulations, all were thinking only about the rise of casinos, ignoring other gambling entertainments.”

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