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Betsoft announced the launch of Legend of the Nile slot

Betsoft announced the launch of Legend of the Nile slot

The developer Betsoft Gaming announced the release of a new classic slot called Legend of the Nile. The plot of the game is a journey through the legendary river, the process is complemented by an unusual game dynamics.

In this slot, the icons are arranged in a 6×6 scheme. It also includes three bonus items called God Trails.

Legend of the Nile slot

On the screen of Legend of the Nile you will see stone tablets with images of gods, sacred symbols and other pictures. Wild (a pyramid) is a combination on a general basis. In addition, it replaces the basic icons in the chains. Ra is paid for even one symbol. The more these pictures on the screen you have, the higher the ratio is. Payments are calculated at the general stake. Ra images fill the Ra Power Bar scale and can lead to free spins or jackpot winnings. Anubis forms chains and can start free spins. Isis also brings winnings and is able to launch prize-winning spins.

Prize functions in Legend of the Nile are associated with three gods. Their images fill the corresponding scales. Ra Power Bar consists of numerous cells and several key stages. Each symbol with the god Ra marks one position. The further you manage to get in during the drawing, the bigger the prize will be. It can be free spins, bonus payments or a jackpot. Anubis Trail is a counter, which increasing with each chain of pictures with Anubis. When it reaches the required value, the prize spin will begin. Isis Trail is also a counter that operates according to the same rules as Anubis Trail. It is also used to launch spins.

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“Legend of the Nile is a game from Betsoft, which is fundamentally different from any other game,” – said Dan Cooper, head of product development at Betsoft. – “This slot uses the traditional, familiar Egyptian theme, adapted for modern online games. Our innovation regarding the God Trails stands out from the point of view of innovation, giving players three possible options for obtaining bonuses during the game that will support their interest and involvement. “

“And with two of the three God Trails persisting through game sessions, players will want to return to Legend of the Nile for additional play. These incentives create loyalty and a fun sense of dedication to this game.”

Be ready to try God Trails on December 14, 2017.

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