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Babelfish technology will make a real overturn in online poker

Babelfish technology will make a real overturn in online poker
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Microgaming, the leading provider of gaming software, is at the top of online industry again after it introduced its new brand technology to make ipoker more customizable. The given name ‘Babelfish’ is after the wild translation fish from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’. The introduced APN is really fantastic.

The brand new software produced by Microgaming (Mega Fortune Dreams slot, Twisted Circus slot) is able to offer every customer his own game of poker that functions on the MPN quite dependably. With Babelfish the gambling operators face a possibility to open a new era of Internet poker. Microgaming’s head of poker Alex Scout admitted, “Babelfish will make a revolution in poker industry.”

“More than that, it will be done without any expensive measures, random number generators and other not very cheap appliances,” he added.

Similar to the Babelfish, Microgaming’s innovation is a doorway to the igaming facilities created in different programming languages and through application programming interface that opens the door to the MPN’s liquidity pool,the users can try all the variety of igaming entertainments and tournaments that the net is full of. Due to customized features of Babelfish the operators can concentrate on a certain audience. Furthermore, it is possible to apply this technique not only for online platforms, but for mobile gadgets, games consoles, smart television and even smartwatches.

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One of the leading operators in the sphere of online poker will become the first user of Babelfish and this will happen soon. “But our new brand technique is not the only surprise that our company has prepared for the year 2015. Our intention is to take the first place and Babelfish is just the beginning.” Alex Scout commented.

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