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Jessica Devis

Jessica Devis
Hey, I’m Jessica - welcome to!
Personal Information:
July 3, 1979
Journalism, City, University of London
Junior Writer at
Favorite Game:
Titanic Slot, Bingo games, Poker

Introduction of Jessica

“Hi, Guys :) I am a Jessica Devis. But before I became part of the team, I was in a quite different niche. By my degree, I am a journalist and been working as a junior editor at the local “Daily Express” office. The editor position was combined with freelance writing. But all changed in one moment when I met Mike Willams. He showed me all the aspects of the online casino gambling and I was magnifically hypnotized in the process. I read literature over casino games principes, such as (“Fortune’s Formula: The Untold Story of the Scientific Betting System That Beat the Casinos and Wall Street”, “Casino-Ology: The Art of Managing Casino Games Bill Zender”, etc), so I started to write online slot reviews and an overviews of the online casinos. Hope, you will enjoy my articles :)”

Jessica Devis is a lover of live casino games and table games. She was born in Stradford, not far away from London. Jessica Devis went to the City, University of London, where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in the Faculty of Law, her favorite areas are corporate/intellectual property/tax law. Later, she worked as a junior in a law firm and dealt with legal issues in the field of gambling.

She knows perfectly how casinos get licenses, how the licensing process goes, what money laundering law is, which casinos are trusted and which not, and how online betting, gambling, and games of skill differ. In the future, she was delighted by the subject of legal regulation of online casinos and she thoroughly studied this issue. In the future, Jessica decided to become an independent consultant, and at the same time works in our team as a person who reviews casinos and online games from a legal and organizational point of view. All these facts can reliably tell readers whether it is possible to trust the casino, whether it is reliable, whether there is a likelihood of fraud on the part of the casino, etc.

Now, she is writing informative, easy-to-read, and up-to-date reviews and articles. When the content team at 777spinslot was looking for a writer, Jessica Devis proved that she could deliver high-quality work, and that is how she joined the team at

Gambling Experience

Jessica Davis is a slot and table games enthusiast. And because she loves these games, she started to play them for free online. After gaining some strategies and skills, she decided to play for real money. Apart from playing different slot machines and earning some significant amounts of money, Jessica Devis also writes about games and online gaming sites.

Fruity Grooves

She says that writing about slot machines is so interesting and she provides a number of reasons for this. According to Jessica, you must play the games before creating any content about them. In the process, you get to enjoy the game, learn how to play it, and understand its unique features. So with this in mind, it means that she plays the games before writing anything about them, which is interesting to her.

Jessica Devis started writing slots and casino reviews after realizing that players do not have enough information about slot machines and online gambling sites. So she decided to provide a lasting solution. Players will be able to read her reviews and learn how to play different games, which helps them to increase their bankrolls.

Jessica’s excellent work is what made the content team at to include her to the crew. And in her opinion, the most important information about online casinos for players is that they should always look for safe, fair, reliable, and trustworthy gambling platforms.

What Jessica Will Be Responsible For at

From the time she joined, Jessica will be responsible for the following:

  • Writing slots and casino reviews: Since she is a talented writer, Jessica will be writing slots and casino reviews at You will read a simple and easy to understand reviews, and they primarily will provide players with what they need.
  • Making sure that the entire website is understandable as a whole: Aside from writing, Jessica Devis also ensures that the 777spinslot website is easy to understand and that all information on it is up-to-date and useful to players. Additionally, she ensures that the navigation process is as easy as possible.
  • Research new article ideas: Jessica Devis understands that players need to read articles with new ideas. And that is why she is committed to looking for new article ideas. This not only makes the articles interesting to read but also unique.

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