https://777spinslot.comAre there winning strategies for online Keno?

Are there winning strategies for online Keno?

In terms of benefits to the player – Keno is perhaps one of the most devastating types of gambling in online casinos. The average rate of return for a player in the online keno is from 84 to 95%, the house edge is much less than in traditional keno games – about 2-4% (typically the advantage of keno organizers could reach 20-40%). The chances of winning in keno playing in an online casino are much higher, but before you put real money on keno you should consider one important fact. The average speed of the keno game online exceeds the speed of the game in a traditional keno in several dozen times (up to 50!) That is, the player risks to spend his limit and lose all the money in keno online much faster.

keno strategies

The strategy of numbers’ choice in keno

The principle of the keno game is very simple: the player marks on his card of keno a certain amount of numbers and gets a prize if one or more selected numbers coincided with the dropped out.

The main recommendation: do not choose too many numbers. The overall strategy of the keno game is to choose a maximum of five or six numbers, because the chances of winning are reduced with each successive number of your choice. Often, gamblers cannot resist the temptation and choose ten or more numbers because they believe that in this way the chances of winning are increased –they hope that at least one of these ten numbers must fall. In fact, the best chance to win is the selection of five or six numbers.

It is necessary to select not more than five or six numbers for another reason: the fact that the online casino payout is directly dependent on the number of selected figures. For example, in many casinos the following order of payments is practiced: if you choose six numbers, the minimum number of matches to win is 3 (i.e., 3 matched numbers), but if you choose, for example, ten or more – the minimum number of matches is already 5. Thus, it is clear that the chances of winning are reduced with each successive selected number.

While playing online keno, select a specific sequence of numbers – that is, the numbers next to each other. And be sure to watch that the numbers do not fall out in a particular sequence, although the biggest online casinos guarantee honesty, not all second level casinos can boast with this.

Strategy of keno for beginners

If everything that you know about the game of keno in online casinos are the basic rules of the game, then, putting real money on keno always follow these guidelines: Play in the casino with the highest figures of odds (payout). This indicator is the ratio of the total amount of money received by the players to the size of bets made ​​by the players. In an online casino it can vary from 95% to 98%, and the higher this number is, the better it is for the player to spend money in this casino. Of course, such important financial indicators of the online casino are not easy to find out, but to figure out a separate payouts of the casino you can in reviews and ratings.

Practise the online keno before you put real money. In most online casinos there are browser-based free version of the most popular games, and this, in turn, is a great opportunity to practise keno before spending your own money. With this option you will be able to check at least whether your strategy for the game of keno works or not.

Choose “reusable” versions of the game. One of the advantages of playing keno in the online casino is that it is possible to play not once with the same “card”, but several (usually five) times. In other words, once you choose a few numbers, and then watch not for one round, but for five rounds. The best result is payable. For example, if in the first draw 2 numbers coincided, and in the second – 5 numbers, you will receive a prize for 5 matches.

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