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A Share of €200K Waits for you at Royal Vegas Casino

A Share of €200K Waits for you at Royal Vegas Casino

Would you like to make a journey to outer space? If you really are dreaming about such an opportunity, then you should visit Royal Vegas Casino for this purpose. This gaming establishment offers you a chance to discover cosmic realm and win some great prizes simultaneously.

€200K Waits for you at Royal Vegas Casino

The promo is on from June 8th to June 30th and during this period you are offered an opportunity to win a share of €200K in prizes. Among the prizes available, you can get free spins, reward points and even free credits.

How to Participate

It is not a problem to win and to become a new ruler of the Galaxy Royal Vegas. You are to enter your account at Royal Vegas daily and use the Win from €200K message every week to take part in the promo.

You need to play your beloved casino games to gather Rewards points. The points collected will help you to open the prizes at each level end. After this, you face a possibility either to keep the prize or to proceed gambling to enrich the prize.

You should try to get as many Rewards points as you can just gambling the games you like. With every new level, you are rewarded with a prize, which includes anything from free spins to free credits. You will have to pass 10 levels and this will help you to open a prize at the beginning of every new level.

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Receiving the prize, you can either keep it or continue playing just for the possibility to enlarge it with the help of the Galactic Gamble Feature. The Wrap button will give you a chance to make a trip to all 4 planets called Vega, Sirius, Altair and Polaris. When you see that the Warp Button becomes green, you can move to a new planet.

How about the possibility of becoming a Legend?

The chance of visiting 4 planets is not the only possibility available, as you can also get 4 Ranks like Rookie, Private, Ranger and Legend. The trip from one planet to the other helps you to boost your rank and become a Legend finally.

Rush to Royal Vegas Casino to complete the mission and get the possibility of receiving your share of €200K in prizes. Do not forget that the time to become a Legend is only from June 8th and up to June 30th.

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