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A Detailed Story Of Some Of The Athletes That Are Involved In Gambling

A Detailed Story Of Some Of The Athletes That Are Involved In Gambling
Athletes That Are Involved In Gambling

The athletes we like to watch on the fields and courts eat and breathe competition on all grounds. That is why those at the octagons, boxing rings, and football pitches will always endure the bouts, absorb the punches, take the tackles, and seek for that inner strength that will see them through. This desire to find the deep strength to come out victories is also witnessed in the gambling life of these athletes at the casino tables.

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather is named among the biggest gamblers in his Las Vegas hometown. Because he gives no damn about losing, casino managers get excited when his nickname ‘Money’ is mentioned. RJ Bell predicted that Mayweather could bet up to $5 million to win his last fight against Conor McGregor. The report that later came out from ESPN is that he went to wager $400,000 on himself, but unaware of the legality of the move, the casino refused to accept the bet from him.

But he later sent his friend to do the betting on his behalf. The friend was only allowed to stake $87,000, which Mayweather saw as very low. The frustration of the lost opportunity to win huge money downed on him when he won the fight. He was also reported as hosting a blackjack tournament worth $300,000 towards the end of last year in the Bahamas. He revealed that he is a regular in the game, and he normally bets $100,000 per hand.

Wayne Rooney

The Manchester United legend, who is having a second spell at Everton, is one of the athletes who like to try out other games. Rooney gambled a whopping 500,000 pounds on blackjack and roulette on a binge gambling session this year. However, the report is that he doesn’t brush off his losses like Mayweather. Instead, he feels pained like most gamblers when he loses. While losing the thousands earlier this year, the frustration was evident, and eye witnesses said he actually looked forlorn and very upset.

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Mario Balotelli

That many of the athletes may not be doing the gambling just to satisfy themselves is not a lie. It all seems Mario Balotelli who has had successful spells at Manchester City and now at Nice enjoys giving out the prize money he wins from these casinos to the needy. He won $25,000 pounds from gambling, only to walk out the door and hand $1,000 to a homeless guy. Eyewitnesses said the homeless guy couldn’t believe it, as the excitement in his face was so obvious. People see it as the right example of a good hearted gambler.

Athletes In Gambling

Other Sports Legends

Some other athletes like Alex Rodriguez, Michael Jordan, John Daly, and Charles Barkley also have their days at the casinos when they are in the spirit. Most of them spend amounts like $165,000, $50 million to $60 million, and $20 million.

One of them even went ahead to justify his urge by saying that he now goes to Vegas to try and win a few hundred thousand dollars. But when he ends up losing a few hundred thousand dollars, he stops playing and enjoys the rest of his trip. For him, this is moderation, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Studying the trend through research, a psychologist posited that it is one of the qualities of sports stars that draw them to gambling. This he outlined as a high degree of energy that makes them want to win. They possess high IQs and excess optimism that makes them believe that they will always win. This attitude for him is what makes them strive to achieve success in their professional sporting fields.

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